A full-body High Intensity Interval Training style workout. The focus is to create a high-intensity workout that will challenge your anaerobic fitness utilising functional exercises. You can expect body-weight exercises, kettlebells, slam balls, ropes, rowers, assault bikes and TRX exercises used in a high-intensity environment.


Body-part targeted strength & hypertrophy training.You can expect classic strength exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, chin ups and overhead pressing combined with isolation exercises. We teach and que correct technique on all exercises. Do our Monday to Thursday classes to hit all your major muscles groups or pick and choose specific classes to target areas you would like to focus on.


HIIT style boxing workouts that utilise combinations, body-weight exercises and ergo machines to drive the intensity. Suitable for a wide-range of fitness, you do not need boxing experience to join these classes. You do need to bring your own gloves and inners. If you are new to boxing training and would like to try a class before buying your own gloves, let us know and we can lend you a pair.

Outdoor Yoga / Roll & Release

An outdoor class that incorporates traditional yoga, foam rolling and muscle release that is designed to help the body and mind rest, recover and rejuvenate.