Before I joined Everyday Athletes I had lost my motivation to exercise. I have been a cyclist for years now and I also used to go to boxing classes but both had slowed right down. My diet had also become very poor – everything to excess. I decided to give Everyday Athletes a go because I felt I needed something to re-energise me.
I started doing the group classes and Shaun taught me a great method of using my hands to measure out how much protein, vegetables and other foods to have with meals. I will typically stick to his nutrition advice 5 to 6 days a week and have a “day off” where I relax on certain foods – alcohol and cheeses!!
The results since joining Everyday Athletes have been amazing. My cycle fitness has improved, my overall fitness has improved and I have lost 10kg’s in the last 12 weeks. My new found fitness and weight-loss has allowed me to go back to playing hockey as well.
I love the classes at Everyday Athletes – the banter, the interaction from the trainers, the exercise variation and the fact I feel the improvement in my fitness and weight loss goals. I would recommend Everyday Athletes to anyone looking to re-energise. I’ve since brought my two sons along and they now train at Everyday Athletes.  Shaun, Rick and Scott do a great job, thanks boys.