Good on you for clicking the link! It’s great that you’re staying active while enjoying the festive season!

I have 4 workouts here for you…

Workout 1 and 2 are running workouts that can be done anywhere with no equipment.

Workout 3 is designed for the Victoria road reserve (Hawthorn East locals will know it) however it can be done in just about any park.

Workout 4 requires access to a gym or at very least a few dumbbells and/or barbells.

You can download the workouts to your phone by clicking this link > Holiday Workouts

Or just read them below…

Enjoy 💪

Running Workout 1

Warm up: (5mins)
– High knees x20
– Butt kicks x20
– Calf pumps x50 each leg
– Leg swings x20 each leg

The Workout: (15 – 20mins)

Aerobic pace running (8mins)
Run at a low-intensity pace for 8mins. Stay focused on your heart rate and ability to breathe. The goal is to keep your heart rate and breath under control so when the 8mins is complete you are calm, composed and not short of breath.

3, 6, 9 running (7mins)
On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 = walking and 10 = running away from a lion
Run at 3 for 1min, run at 6 for 45sec, run at 9 for 30sec
Repeat for 3 rounds

Warm down: (5mins)
– Calf and hamstring stretches

Running Workout 2

Warm up: (5mins)
– 50 mountain climbers
– 40 glute raises
– 30 squats
– 20 push ups
– 10 burpees

The Workout: (15 – 30mins)

Lightpost sprint/recovery interval run
Every time you pass a lightpost alternate between a fast-paced sprint and slow-paced recovery. Repeat this for as long as you can, then stop and walk home.

Warm down: (5mins)
– The walk home

NOTE: You can also do this using letterboxes instead of light posts.

Victoria Road Reserve Bootcamp Workout

Warm up: (5mins)
– 2 laps of the oval
– Light stretching

The Workout: (15 – 30mins)

Partner circuit: Recruit a friend or family member to do this one with you
There are two exercises to complete, exercise a) is the timer, exercise b) completes as many reps as possible until the timer is finished.

1. a) Walking lunges x20 b) Push ups, 3 rounds
2. a) Jump squats x20 b) Body rows (use the fence posts in front of club house), 3 rounds
3. a) Glute raise x30 b) Bench dips (use the benches adjoined to the club house), 3 rounds
4. a) Russian twists x20 b) Plank, 5 rounds

Warm down: (5mins)
– Walk 2 laps of the oval

NOTE: If you can’t find a partner, do 10 push-ups, 10 body rows, 15 bench dips and a 45sec plank.

Gym Access Workout

Warm up: (5mins)
– 20 glute raises
– 20 windmills
– 20 back taps
– 20 push ups
– 20 squats

The Workout: (20 – 30mins)

1. a) Squat (BB or DB) x10 b) Rest: 3 sets
2. a) BB glute raise x20 b) Walking lunges x20: 3 sets
3. a) DB bench press x10 b) Body row til fail: 3 sets
4. a) Chin ups (standing or free) x10 b) OH DB press x10: 3 sets
FINISHER: 50 bicep curls or 50 V-sit ups (or both)

Warm down: (5mins)
– 3min walk on treadmill or around gym
– Light stretching

NOTE: If you would like to increase the intensity of this workout, do 4 or 5 sets of each exercise in the workout.