We offer two distinctly different types of group classes to allow our clients to get the benefits of both HIIT and strength training.


A full-body High Intensity Interval Training workout. The focus is to create a high-intensity workout that will challenge your anaerobic fitness utilising functional exercises. You can expect body-weight exercises, kettlebells, slam balls, ropes, rowers, assault bikes and TRX exercises used in a high-intensity environment.

  • Workouts are programmed in 4 week blocks with time and rep challenges, giving you the chance to quantifiably improve your fitness and endurance.
  • All workouts are programmed with progressions and regressions so they are suitable for a wide-range of fitness levels. Whether a beginner or advanced level athlete, you will get a workout that suits your fitness level.
  • Ideal for; time-efficient body fat burning, improving your general fitness and cardiovascular health, venting mental stress and anxiety, pushing yourself to work hard, get the heart rate pumping and leave the gym knowing you've done an intense workout.


Body-part targeted strength & hypertrophy training. You can expect classic strength exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, chin ups and overhead pressing combined with isolation exercises. Our Strength classes are programmed using the following structure;

Monday: Chest, shoulders and triceps

Tuesday: Quads and calves

Wednesday: Back and biceps

Thursday: Glutes and hamstrings

Friday: Full body

Saturday: Full body

Do our Monday to Thursday classes to hit all your major muscles groups or pick and choose specific classes to target areas you would like to focus on.

  • Workouts are programmed in 4 week blocks with strength and rep challenges, giving you the chance to quantifiably improve your strength, power and strength-endurance.
  • Coaching provided on safe and effective lifting technique.
  • We DO NOT do strength training to a timer. We utilise sets, reps, mind-muscle connection, target-muscle fatigue and time-under-tension to achieve the best possible results.