Our focus is to help our client’s get/stay in great shape, improve mental health and provide a space to connect ambitious, positive-minded people.

To achieve this our clients utilise our trademark “4-steps to success” system. The steps are easy to follow and we provide support and coaching to guide you every step of the way.

Step 1: Exercise EVERYDAY

We encourage you to do a combination of high-intensity exercise to challenge your body and low-intensity exercise to restore your mind. We recommend between 3 and 5 high-intensity exercise sessions (like the ones we do in studio) a week combined with a simple 20minute walk on all days you don’t train with us

Step 2: Score 50+ every week on our Healthy Habits Checklist

Our Healthy Habits checklist is an easy-to-use tool that helps you ensure you are doing enough the right things outside of the gym needed to see results. We teach you how to use it and then review your scores to help you improve.

Step 3: Follow a body-type nutrition plan

Body-type nutrition means designing a nutrition plan that is suited to your specific body-type and goals, NOT one that is “healthy”. "Healthy" is a subjective word as what is healthy for some, won’t work for others. It’s about learning what works best for you. We will coach you through this process.

Step 4: Measure regularly

When you first start with us we recommend doing body composition measurements every 1-2 weeks. It's important to us that your exercise nutrition and lifestyle habits are achieving the results you're working so hard for. It may take some fine-tuning to your program to get you on track in the beginning, which is why we want you doing your measurements frequently. After we know you are on track, we'd like you to do them every 4-6 weeks. What works in the beginning, won't work forever (ever heard of a plateau?). Consistently doing your measurements allow us to promptly identify when you have hit a plateau and adjust your program to get you back on track.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes will get your heart rate up and keep it up. They are most effective for getting rid of unwanted body fat, improving heart and respiratory health and improving fitness.

  • New sessions programmed daily. You will never do the same session twice so you don’t get bored
  • Well teach you the proper technique for all exercises for safety and the best results
  • Individual Fitness challenges every 6-weeks to help see your Fitness progress

Group Strength

Our Group Strength classes incorporate the most effective exercises of weight training for a toned, strong and athletic body.

  • Constantly varied 6-week strength cycle, keeps your body guessing week in week out for the most effective results.
  • We teach you the proper technique on all exercises for the most effective results and safety.
  • Personal bests are recorded every 6-weeks to keep motivated and driven to improve.
  • No over crowded classes so you always get optimum trainer attention